BI consulting and implementation services

We will assist you in the whole process of Business Intelligence implementation in your company. We provide services which include requirements analysis, system design as well as system implementation.

Requirements analysis

While meeting our clients, we try and determine the actual needs of their company. We identify problems connected with gaining, analysing and presenting data. We work on an outline of the future model and analyse the required final reports. We are always there to propose a technology for the implemented system, which is most appropriate for the specific customer needs.


Well-designed processes of data integration, i.e. ETL (extract, transform and load) are vital for Business Intelligence solutions. EBIS specialists analyse data in terms of their usefulness in the model and then build mechanisms of cleaning, mapping and loading data. Large amounts of data gathered in a company are transformed into systematized and useful pieces of information.

Designing and buliding data warehouse

Once source data are identified and an outline of a reporting model is determined, our next step is designing and builiding a data warehouse, which is in fact the core of our system. We are always flexible when it comes to data base system technologies. We offer various tools of leading providers, including Microsoft, Oracle.

Reporting tools configuration

The portfolio of products offered by EBIS includes a wide range of solutions based on various technologies. We assist in selecting best tools to present data to analysts and managers in a clear and convenient way to help them take fast business decisions.

Support for planning and budgeting process

Thanks to our tools to support planning and budgeting, your company will save time and costs. You will be able to prepare budgets based on reliable calculations as well as multidimensional financial analyses. Our many years of experience in implementing plastic and controlling tools will let us select a system which is most adequate for the needs of your company.

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